Monday, February 22, 2010

Week 3 - ipizzle fo shizzle

So, I wussed out and didn't attend the team training this past Saturday morning. I know that those are only for my best however, it was 20 degrees and snowing. Those are the moments where I forget that its not about me, but about the cause! During my runs, after about 10 straight minutes, I want to stop and die so..being that 10 minutes wont even get me to a mile, let alone 13, I have to think of other things other than my shortness of breath and aching body! To remedy the situation, I just bought an ipod shuffle, probably the best $50 spent as of yet! I uploaded Scott's itunes and then on Sunday, off to the gym I went. I started off slow (because that's how I roll) and then eased my way into my long run...I noticed after a while of spacing out that I was much more energized when I had the real dirty rap/hip-hop blasting in my ears. I had to laugh at myself because here I was on the treadmill dancing, completely unaware of the fact that others were in the room. In fact, I forgot that I was even on a treadmill..running at my set pace, I somehow slipped into la-la land and thought I was at a dance club! ha! So, thanks to my sweet boyfriend and his naughty itunes, I successfully completed my long run for the week.
Please pray that the weather is bearable for next Saturday, they are only going to get more difficult and I need to be on my game! Now that I have some sweet running tights, new shoes and I'm 3 pounds lighter..that should help! Until next time...

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