Friday, March 26, 2010

Hello again!

I apologize for not posting sooner. So, I last told you about how a doctor wanted me to go under the knife, I respectfully refused. After that, I took it easy for about 2 weeks and then got my feet back onto the pavement for an almost 2 hour run. Although it took forever and was a struggle, I completed it without any pain! hooray!

I have been trying to get into the gym as much as possible around my work schedule and feel like my endurance is getting stronger! This is great I just need to be on the fast track to weight loss, that would be the icing on the cake. "did someone say cake?" haha. kidding.

So, Uncle John is recovering still after his bone marrow transplant. Although the actual procedure is just like a chemo treatment, the recovery is insane. The people at city of hope are taking good care of him and with much prayer, I hope he will be in good shape soon and back with my Aunt Kathy in Nevada. Keep praying - its working.

As for our team hero, Mason - he had his "end of recovery Nerf party" last week. So sweet! I love hearing stories of success.

As I creep closer to the race day, so does my funding deadline. I am very anxious about this and just have to trust that it will all fall into place as it should. If you are interested in donating, please visit

I do have to say that training for this race sure does allow me to take in all of the beauty of Colorado..its mmm mmm good!

I hope that you are all doing well!
Miles closer!


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Doctor visit #1, after 2 weeks of constant pain, I bit the bullet and went to the doc. He took some x-rays and came to the conclusion that I am suffering (that word seems awfully dramatic) from plica syndrome. He told me he could feel a palpable shelf on my patella. So, I am taking some celebrex and on my way I go. Tomorrow I have an hour and a half run on concrete so, hopefully it goes well!

I have about 10% of my total raised and need about $1000 more this month to continue. Pray for funds!!


miles (slowly) closer to a cure!


Wednesday, March 3, 2010


So, just an observation...

every time I go to put a toilet seat cover on, I place it gently on the toilet, turn around to take down my pants and the mysterious wind picks up and whoosh...there goes the cover in the toilet. It usually takes me 2 or 3 tries before I can get it right.

Just wanted to share application to life, no relevance to the cause..just a thought.